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TSC Color Calibration Card + The world's first cloud color calibration system = A no color distortion image!
Canon 5D Mark II +TSC software calibrating & autostiching (Click to enlarge) Panoramic picture, Pudong Shanghai

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Dongle driver
V1.0 download
V2.0 download
TSC-CC Color Calibration V24J (For scanner and printer)
User's Manual
Online video tutorials
TSC-CC Color Calibration V1.0 (24J) Free client
User's Manual
Free client download
TSC-CC Color Calibration V259D(For digital camera or scanner)
Video Tutorial Download
English version 1
English version 2
English version 3
English version 4
English version 5
English version 6
English version 7
English version 8
English version 9
Software User's Guide
Demonstration of calibration effects
Color matched! (From scanner to printer)

Before calibration(illumination light yellowish)

After calibration (entirely restore the natural color), The values of each color blocks from the color card are similar to the reference value on the photograph. (degree of reduction reach to 99%)

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