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TSC Color Calibration Card + The world's first cloud color calibration system = A no color distortion image!
Canon 5D Mark II +TSC software (Click to enlarge), 85 pictures stitching. Axis, 2010 Expo Shanghai
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TSC-CCC Color Calibration Card
Make it right!
TSC, a revolutionary product in color calibration!
Parameters of each consignment color cards have some different, They subject to the actual software.
TSC-CCC Series Color Calibration Card and Software Package
Size of color card: 21x30cm(A4)?0x42cm(A3)
Quantity of color block: 90 colors, 168 colors, 240 colors, 312 colors, etc.
Field of application: Color calibration of scanners and printers
TSC-CCC 59D Series Color Calibration Card and Software Package
Size of color card: 16x26 cm, 24x38 cm, etc.
Size of each color block: 2x2 cm, 3x3 cm, 4x4cm, 6x6 cm, 8x8 cm, etc.
Quantity of color block: 45 colors
Field of application: Color calibration of digital cameras or scanners
TSC-LUC710 Non-uniformity light calibration card
Size: 70x100 cm
Field of application: Color calibration of digital cameras or scanners with non-uniformity light
TSC-SCF Series shape calibration grid card
Size:30x50cm, 60x100 cm, etc.
Grid size: 1x1cm, 0.5x0.5cm
Field of application: Shap calibration of digital cameras or scanners
Customize your color card
We offer special specifications of color card and software customization services as your needs.

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5 major characteristics of TSC color calibration system
To obtain the parameters of the scanner instead of using the spectrophotometer. Scanners are useful devices; it can give you more than a tool to generate a vested economic benefits. But there is no use when spectrophotometer calibration has been completed.
After our calibration with $30 dollors / 1000ml replacement ink, can still print a similar effect of $30 dollors / 100ml original ink. 10 times the cost savings for you!
Efficiency is greatly improved: Many companies need service engineer for ICC, the cost higher, and it will comes different effects once the paper or ink was changed. It takes less than one minute to complete calibration by our system, complete automatic operation.
We have developad a three-dimensional non-uniformity calibration algorithm, the accuracy of the algorithm is greatly improved. Meanwhile, the adoption of cloud services, enable us to get more accurate color than the other tools.
Providing fine-tuning tools, users can adjust the color by need, and with batch function, users can keep it in long-term use at any time. It was more convenient than the rigid non-adjustable ICC.
• Can you make color calibration of the images to original automatically?

Yes. Our software and supporting color card can make it possible. Moreover, we provide extremely fast and convenient mode of operation.

Our color calibration technology is based on a large number of experiments. This new technologies was developed by our new algorithm. Specifically, you need to scan or take a picture of our standard color card, then under the same conditions to complete shoot or scan any images, after that import these two groups of pictures into our color calibration software, follow our demo, the color of images can be automatically calibrated.

The principle is: we provide standard value for each color block of color card, after reading the values of color blocks compared with the default standard color values, concluded a color difference value, then according to the calibration curve to correct the distorted color of the picture.

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For the printer, you only need to print a standard electronic color card which we provided, then scan to acquire the parameter information, the original images through our software to obtain the calibrated images then to printout.

Is there any other automatic color calibration software in the world?
No. In fact, there isn’t actual automatic color calibration software in the world.

Most camera use white balance to approach in order to capture the true color, which is shooting a white card, or take a 18% gray card (Lab values = 50), and then adjust value under the setup menu according to the gray value.

Although this way can restore the color to the right direction, but only a simple linear calibration, it cannot fundamentally restore the color. We all know that colors make of “RGB?three primary colors. It’s a three-dimensional synthesis, is characterized by a spatial surface, so it’s far from enough to only calibrate gray value of the overall translation.

Some world-wide companies, have begun using color cards to provide reference for calibration manually, and through calibrate images by using DNG to default the value of RGB for the camera lens, but this is not automatic color calibration in a strict sense and without a visual direct comparison.

Adobe Lightroom, although there are "automatically adjust white balance" and "auto adjust the hue" function, because there is no reference color, the algorithm is a simple linear translation, so the automatic color calibration is not in the strict sense, and the actual value of color difference is huge.

What are the advantages of your software for the printer color calibration than other companies?
Other companies such as EFI, they adopt spectrophotometer for color measurement, and ICC curve method for color calibration. This process is very complicated, lengthy process; the manual adjustment of a color parameters, do a ICC or even up to several hours.

Our method only needs an ordinary scanner. And the whole process is quite fast, only takes less than 1 minute, you can complete the calibration process. At the same time we have adopted cloud technology, you only need to print an electronic card which we provided, and the parameters are uploaded to our server, and then through the cloud computing to obtain the parameters, the auto color calibration can be achieved. According to the precise data analysis the parameters returned to you, you will not only calibrate the results more accurate than traditional methods, more importantly, extremely convenient.

• Can I use your automatic color calibration software with other’s color card?
No. The reason is our program has built in default value and the weight is even. Other color card did not set the color gamut space in our program.

For example, the ColorChecker Classic color card, is not uniform after analyze of its band of color; For example, the R channel, is almost no value in the range of 0-100, that is, if adopt this color card; we can’t get accurate data for calibration. As our color card for each batch parameter values have changed, therefore, to perform the color calibration only the use of our standard color and software which we provided. Such as piracy, will directly affect your final effect of calibration.

Therefore, the need to adopt a different color card as a reference, or using our preformed ICC, fully demonstrated by the color gamut of the color card.

• Can software be used in a variety of lighting conditions for Calibration?
No. Our automatic color calibration software calibrate only for right exposure under standard lighting conditions. But for lack of exposure, or over exposure such as under particularly dark light or bright light, cannot be automatically calibrated.

It was no sense using our software to calibrate images shot under over-exposed condition, because it makes the image over black, the RGB value was read by the computer already close to 0, and the value of some parts has already reached the maximum of 255. On the other hand, if under-exposed, the color drift will appear the same effect. Therefore, we suggested that set a bound value or adjust manually to achieve the best visual value when light conditions are not ideal.

• Whether all printers allow for color calibration?

For different printer (inkjet and laser) all can be calibrated by using our color calibration software. However, for some replacement ink and ink cartridges printer, the color gamut of ink may be narrowed, therefore, you need a different color card as a reference. If there is a demand in this area, to consult our customer service

Note: for the replacement ink cartridges, as well as missing colors lack of ink or plug caused, we do not guarantee perfect calibration effect.

Due to the lack of ink and color loss or plug is caused, you can use the tools of fine-tune provided by our software to adjust.

• Use your color calibration system, also need to do white balance?

No. Our color calibration system, including the calibration of gray values​? compared with ordinary white balance correction principle, even if our gray drift, made ​​Pitch, Roll, Yaw and Scale a number of three-dimensional space drift, which to achieve the most accurate reduction, instead of the white balance made ​​according to the gradation value of the pan once so simple. Some color calibration software, using only one color translation and no mention the automatic color calibration, and will not be able to achieve accurate automatic calibration.

Of course, if you have done the white balance, you can continue to use our software. And white balance results more close to the real situation, continue to use our software to restore the effect may be better, because the color of our software optimal reduction range is 20%, of course, the shooting conditions must be the same.

• In which field your color calibration system can be applied?
Mainly applies to:

    - Publishing, Printing and dyeing, painting, etc.
    - Advertising industry
    - Photographers, and Optical System
    - Lighting equipment industry
    - Scanners, Copying equipment
    - Various types of color display electronic equipment, such as monitors etc.
    - Color calibration for images recorded on digital cameras 
    - Professional studio
    - Modeling of 3D Virtual Building
    - Photographers, photography enthusiasts
    - Scientific research
    - Paint industry
    - Plastics industry
    - Textile

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